My name is Cristian Lang, Bonn's Transsilvanian piano teacher with German-Romanian-Mexican multicultural heritage. 

I received my first master´s degree in piano teaching in 2005 from the University of Music in Trossingen (smallest German mainstream music university), Southern Germany, followed in 2014 by my second master´s in general music education from the Cologne University of Music (biggest Germany music university), which led me to acquire advanced levels of performance, including classical and contemporary styles.

Besides of German I also teach students in English, Spanish, French and Romanian, which is appropiate for Bonn being an international city, also during home visits: I come to your house.

Piano teaching style

When teaching piano I enjoy working with (small) children, teens, adolescents and adults of all ages, at all performance levels. I particularly use integrative-intuitive teaching methods, which lead to the dissolution of the dichotomies of theory (note reading etc.) and practice (performance and improvisation). This approach supports the education of concentration/mindfulness, discipline, self esteem and relaxed wakefulness while acting musically, yet it gives birth to the experience of musical joy rather than superficial fun. If during one´s development a professional career is desired I can support you also in building your abilities in music theory, music history, ear training etc.

I consider myself between categories: enjoying to sail between "classical" and "contemporary" piano music. I am fascinated by both worlds and I appreciate rock/pop/jazz/latin for providing a big potential for the modern piano lesson. As a pedagogue I am aiming at finding a path to unite both styles and to make them creatively useful for teaching. Hi-end teaching in the traditional academic styles and genres ("classical") is possible, of course.

Most cordially yours,