Where your thumb is on the right is where your left hand is

I am left-footed, because I use my left foot for kicking when I play soccer.

But I use my right foot for playing the foot machine for the bass drum on the drumset, unless I play double bass, when both feet are being used and the hi-hat is kept open.

For conventional single bass playing I use my right foot, as it is stronger than the left one, but when I still used to play soccer or practice taekwondo I used preferably my left foot for kicks. Right-fooded, left-fooded - is the coach to be blamed?

Those who are learning to play the drumset should play a left-handed drumkit every other week in an ideal world. Or at least swap once a month. I was never told about this by my drumteacher, though he was fantastic. OK, the question is: Do we live in an ideal world?

I was told even less that the vast majority of pianists play on right-handed players´ pianos. Left-handed pianos have the high notes on the left side and the low ones on the right. The fact that they sparcely exist and that they are almost not affordable for many people is an act of discrimination: guitar players much more easily can chose to play on a left-handed guitar.  What is really funny: when I first took a guitar into my hands it was a right-handed one, but I picked it playing it as if I was left-handed, upside down. When I had two semesters of guitar at the music university of Cologne I was taught to do it right, even though I really din´t achieve a real performance level on that instrument, but imagine how cruel it can be for one´s wrist to play some musical sections with a guitar upside down.

I wish there were more left-handed pianos around for every left-handed person and books for them to read music properly. I wouldn´t have to wonder if I am left-vocal-chorded or right-vocal-corded when singing.

Or should we acquire skills equally using both hands by being educated that way directly from birth on? It should be possible, but should we be allowed to want that? Should it be mandatory for parents and educators to insist their children use their fork every other day with the other hand? At least it is possible for children to brush their teeth every other day with the other hand, that shouldn´t be any problem.

Many questions... Wouldn´t it be prolific to learn the alphabet also backwards? Playing piano is just that: on the one hand the coordination of both hands playing "softly against loudly", "connected legato against articulated staccato", "two against three ", "melody against comping" (homophony), "melody against melody" (polyphony) etc., on the other hand playing piano ist always playing forward/backwards, too. That would´t be much of an effort to learn the alphabet also backwards, at least the first seven characters: g f e d c b a. It´s funny though in German b is h.