Thus spoke Lao Tse

"I don't like talking, that´s true. Even with other musicians - I prefer to play together instead of talking about music. All those explanations for example: why you have to do this or that - I don´t need them for playing chamber music. And all those people who play with me agree with me." Martha Argerich

"Music has to be able to stand up for it´s own values in order to be cherished for it´s own sake. Everything else is nonsense." Maurizio Pollini

„Tradition means passing on the fire but not worshipping the ashes." Gustav Mahler

„Playing piano consists of reason, heart and technical skills. All of them should be equally developed. Without reason you are a fiasco, without technique an amateur, without heart a machine." Vladimir Horowitz

„The easier the piece is, the more difficult is the good performance." Arthur Rubinstein

„When you make music you are acting as a philosopher. You can either do that consciously or you can do it unconsciously, but you’re doing it.“ John Cage

„So much is being spoken about music and so little being said. I believe at all that words are unsufficient and in any case that I found out that they were sufficient I would stop making music in the end. People usually lament music has so many meanigs; it´s said it´s so doubtful what they have to think while listening to it, and everyone understands the words they use. For me it´s inside out: not just full speeches, also isolated words appear to be so ambiguos to me, so uncertain, so misunderstandable compared to real music, which suffuses one´s soul with a thousand better things than words. That which is spoken out to me by the music I love doesn´t consist of too undetermined thoughts to be put into words, rather of too determined ones.“ Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

„The biggest force on earth is the pianissimo.“ Maurice Ravel

„Music must always include a longing, a longing reaching beyond the things of this world." Gustav Mahler

„The fingers have to do what the head wants to, not the other way round."“ Robert Schumann

"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." Ludwig Wittgenstein.