Lesson fees modalities (Trial lesson for free)

Lesson contract conditions if you decide to continue after a 30 minutes lesson trial:

You either pay a monthly amount twelve times a year in order to consider holidays and vacation, or you can decide to pay for groups of ten lessons documented on a card, if you don´t like having a flexible contract like mine.

Monthly contract: (you can still terminate the contract four times a year): You receive a warranty of 38 lessons a year, some lessons can take time during a holiday or during vacation, I am flexible for organizing that with you. The annual amount is separated into twelve monthly amounts, according to the scales of charges and fees of municipal and private German music schools, which just give warranty for 36 lessons a year and never teach on holidays and during vacation! The fees apply to home visits inside Bonn. Whenever - which seldom happens - lessons have to be cancelled by me due to whatever reasons outside of the students´ responsability, we can makeup lessons later or, if this impossible, you get back your pro rata lesson fee for that particular cancelled lesson.

Lesson fees in detail

Monthly contracts

Time unit

driving up to 7.9 km

driving 8-12.9 km driving 13-15 km

30 min.per week

-> lesson fee each month 12 times per year 

90 €

100 € 115 €

45 min.per week

-> lesson fee each month 12 times per year 

120 €

130 € 145 €

60 min.per week

-> lesson fee each month 12 times per year 

150 €

160 € 175 €

Fees for a group of ten lesson units

Time unit

Driving up to 7.9 km

Driving 8.0-12.9 km driving 13-15 km

10x30 minutes

280 €

310 € 360 €

10x45 minutes

390 €

420 € 470 €

10x60 minutes

500 €


530 € 580 €