For adults!

Due to many years of teaching integrative-intuitive piano methods I experienced that adults of all ages can rediscover their inner child and accordingly they can learn fast.


While doing so you discover an inner space through the individual empiric exploration of sound landscapes of the "serious" or "classical" and also contemporary or "entertainment" music. Your experience will be analogue to my teaching methodology: integrative-intuitive. Intuition is very different to spontanousness: total open mindfulness, while being just spontaneous often just means being driven by inner impulses. When I open myself to the primordial space of sound this primordial space will observe my inner impulses and therefore I won´t be forced to follow those inner impulses through action or behaviour. Cognitive learning psychology is calling this "monitoring". Musical and intrinsic freedom.

Playing with four hands is a means of communication beyond words.

On the ocean of life you can sail with me towards new adventures with the piano ship, with me you'll learn to tame wind and water waves.

You ain´t got no piano? I can help you finding one, either bought or rented. Just call me: (Cristian always without an 'h'!), 015257099397