Even the youngest can start! Aged 4 or more.

Children love to learn with symbols and images: the inner world of a child is being activated particularly well with my integrative-intuitive teaching concept. Joy is built out of the game as the child finds concentration/mindfulness and relaxation through playing piano. The goal consists in activating the innate cognitive, affective and fine/gross motor potential  for building them to real artistical skills. The musical result will please and, if the child practices regularly he/she will also have good school grades with most probably less effort.

In order to achieve all of this cooperation with parents is essential, but even more is so the emotional support of parents for their children.  That is why I document tasks in a homework diary, while I still emphasize to achieve goals not with pressure but with heartfelt and logical insight.

For adolescents!

Everybody let's rock - roll over Beethoven! But teens and adolescents can still experience the profound spirit of a fugue of Johann Sebastian Bach. Keep it despacito - technical studies, a classical sonata, blues, salsa, or funk always permit the new generation to make hearts leap for joy.

Of course those who like and strive for it can be prepared for participating in competitions or passing an entrance exam in a renowned music university like Cologne´s. This includes additional music courses in music harmony, ear training or in the intense support of genuine talent.

No piano at home?

I will help you finding one, either if you prefer to buy one or rent it. Just call me:  lang.cristian@gmail.com (Cristian always without an 'h'!), 015257099397